STAG 200 GoFast

32-bit Processor

ระบบประมวลผลแบบ 32 บิท เพิ่มความเร็วในการประมวลผล รองรับคุณสมบัติใหม่

2 Year Guarantee

รับประกันตัวสินค้ายาวนานถึง 2 ปี ตอกย้ำความมั่นใจในคุณภาพสินค้า

100% Tested

ชิ้นส่วนต่างๆ ผ่านการทำสอบตามมาตรฐานอุตสาหกรรมรถยนต์



STAG 200 GoFast เป็นผลิตภัณฑ์กล่อง ECU รุ่นพืนฐาน สำหรับเครื่องยนต์ 1-4 สูบ รุ่นพัฒนาต่อยอดจากรุ่น STAG 200 ฟังก์ชั่นพื้นฐานครบถ้วนตอบสนองทุกสภาวะการใช้งาน ECU ประมวลผลด้วยไมโครโปรเซสเซอร์แบบ 32 บิท


  •  fast installation due to the minimal number of wires,
  • Simple and clear calibration program - only two dialog window,
  • processor has the ability to expand with new software features,
  • application sessions without the controller in use demo mode,
  • small  - compact weather - resistant housing,
  • a switch with an integrated buzzer  – only 3 wires are required for connection.



Simple installation
The controller is an extremely installer-friendly device the minimize number of wires, required to connect the controller and contributes to reduced installation time.

  • no connection cable to the reading of rotation, the controller calculates them based on the time of injection
  • in most case it is not necessary to connect the ignition signal
  • a switch with an integrated buzzer  – only 3 wires are required for connection
  • gas level indicator CES (H) is powered directly from the solenoid valve mounted on the cylinder.

Simple calibration:

  • all functions are arranged on two panels and no tab switching is required,
  • build-in standard and expert  function. Mode of standard contains the minimum functions necessary that to set up the car. However, at any moment by pressing the switch to expert where the advanced more functions of the controller,
  • if the PC communication cable has been disconnected, the controller attempts to restore transmission itself,
  • support of controller too with Bluetooth Next.


  • new hardware platform based on a 32-bit processor,
  • fail-safety – use the components of automotive,
  • optional extension with new application features,
  • application sessions without the controller in use demo mode.


Application functions:

  • preview of working parameters on the oscilloscope,
  • petrol injection time map 2D,
  • the fuel LPG / CNG,
  • engine RPM signal filter,
  • operation with various types of injection control (standard, doubling),
  • setting of maximum load on the gas engine,
  • engine type, standard or turbocharged,
  • intelligent post-injection
  • integrated corrections for temperature and pressure of gas,
  • mazda Leaning ™,
  • gas injectors heating,
  • map of correction based on gas temperature,
  • reducer pressure reduction upon cut-off (discharge),
  • setting of the allowed number of emergency starts,
  • Sound alarm for emergency start
  • Hot start (start&stop),
  • automatic setting of gas level,
  • “Leaning on cold engine” option – limiting the maximum injection time on a cold engine (VAG),
  • detection of gas pressure sensor fault,
  • auto-calibration – “all injectors together” option,
  • automatic adjustment of the multiplier,
  • suitable maintenance of secondary injection - this feature eliminates the needs of function "Mazda leaning",
  • reading of rpm based on petrol injection pulsing,
  • detection of missing or overloaded solenoid valve,
  • test of actuating devices: injectors, solenoid, buzzer,
  • option for changing injection sequence,
  • injectors of correction flow,
  • change of time is the opening-closing of injectors,
  • ignition key connected to petrol injectors,
  • information about car and gas installation,
  • reminder about periodical inspection of gas installation.